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5/2/08 12:33 am - cheerio_1988

This is kind of old news in my life, but I figured as nobody has posted to this is quite some time...I might as well update.

I used to play on a Yamaha YCL-280 Eb clarinet. Why? It was cheap.

Well, I was fooling around and dropped it, and it split into two pieces, cheap piece of crap.

Therefore, I no longer have an Eb clarinet. I'm going to see if I can convince my parents to buy me a buffet...or take out a loan for it or something.

That's all.

4/8/07 02:01 pm - saxonthebeach

Amazing and beautiful article from the Washington Post. Take a few minutes to read it. I promise you won't regret it.

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3/24/07 10:55 am - cheerio_1988

This is probably of no interest to any of you, but the community has been stagnant, so I'm just going to ramble on about my Eb-ing.

I played Eb in high school, and I just wailed away on it, because it didn't really matter anyway. When I came to school (Ithaca College) I had to actually learn how to play the damned thing decently, because I was assigned it in Wind Ensemble for the 2nd semester. Anywho, I began this semester playing really timidly and I was terrified that my conductor would hate me. But now I'm playing out, and I have better tone and I don't have to do weird shit as much to adjust the pitch - I'm usually really in tune now. I know that it's a well-known fact in the music world that when you play with a full sound your intonation improves, but I just wanted to share this new level I have reached in the Eb-clarinet-playing world.

Also, we're playing Gunther Schuller's "On Winged Flight" and Makris's "Aegean Festival Overture" and the Eb parts are really prominent and I love it.

I love the Eb clarinet.

1/29/07 08:38 pm - sidedosmasta - Amati Clarinet

I have been in the market for an E-flat soprano clarinet lately. I really don't play it that often anymore (usually only one 1-2 pieces per year), so I don't necessarily need to buy a top of the line professional model. I have been looking online and I have found some good prices on the Amati E-flats, specifically the ACL262-S (seen here). The specs on it sound good, and it's considerably cheaper than comparable models by Buffet, Yamaha, and Selmer.

I was wondering if anyone out there has played on any Amati instruments (or known anyone who has), and if so, what do you think of them? The price sounds good to me, but I want to make sure that I won't be buying myself a doorstop in E-flat. :) Thanks a lot!

12/23/06 10:45 am - cheerio_1988

So, I'm playing Eb in school now, and I have been playing it for the past two years, and I keep squeaking when I play a D above the staff. I used to think it was because I was playing on my crappy Yamaha, but now I have the school's R-13, and it's happening again. Any ideas?

Oh yeah, and also, we're playing Vientos y Tangos and there's a run from altissimo A down chromatically - WHY WOULD ANY COMPOSER WRITE THAT FOR THE Eb CLARINET?!?!?!?!? In the part, whoever had it before me wrote "WHY GOD, WHY!?!!?" I thought that was humorous.

3/11/06 02:17 am - urcrazedhernia

does anyone know where I can find a recording of the Bolcom Little Suite of Four Dances for Eb clarinet? I'm not having any luck so far...

9/13/05 01:22 am - musicmanjack

Howdy, I'm Jack... I'm a clarinet performance major at Oberlin, and I recently became way obsessed with the Eb.  I just got an RC prestige Eb, and it's amazing.  I'm playing it on Shosty 10 right now... it's an awesome part.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew of any solo pieces for the Eb Clarinet?  I ordered this Sonatina by Blackwood, but it looks pretty simple and crappy...  I also heard that there was a piece by Bolcom, has anyone heard that?  I'm thinking about doing something with Eb on my junior recital, it doesn't seem like I have many options though...

5/4/05 01:18 pm - saxonthebeach

Hey all. I was just asked to play a solo with my university band next April. I sat with the band director today and we brainstormed pieces that are either written for or arranged for clarinet and band. These are the pieces he recommended:

-Clarinet Concerto by Martin Ellerby
-Battles and Chants by Nigel Clarke
-Concerto Semplice by Frigyes Hidas
-Concerto for Clarinet by Artie Shaw/arr. ?
-Derivations for Clarinet and Band by Morton Gould

If any of you have played any of these pieces or have any other pieces for clarinet and band that you heard/played and liked/hated, please let me know. Thanks.

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4/28/05 06:19 pm - doublewuzzy

We had our Symphony Orchestra concert on Tuesday night, and we played Symphonie Fantastique in all of its Eb-clarinetting glory. It made me fall in love with the beast all over again.

3/30/05 12:02 pm - cheerio_1988

okay, I suck at making Livejournals look cool, so anybody who wants to help me make the Eb community look cool, message me: AIM = cheerio32388

2/11/05 08:44 pm - forgdpianist05

Bonjour.. no one updated in this community so i decided that i should join and update??

anyways im Jasper and im also a member of the clarinet community and i decided that i should join an eflat community. ive been playing for like two years and ive been doing well. its my senior year so it sucks that im leaving it to give to a sophomore.. oh well. but anyways i love the eflat because i can sooo overpower any trumpet player in my wind ensemble.

thats it... i just wanted to holla. ok bye

1/26/05 09:45 am - cheerio_1988

Does anybody know any NYSSMA level 6 Eb clarinet solos I could do BESIDES Stravinsky's 3 pieces (sorry Jodie, I just really do not enjoy that piece)? Thanks a bunch :)

11/20/04 04:21 pm - purgatoriodrppr - Hi!

Hi I'm Josh and I absolutely love the Eb! Im working on getting a Buffet E-11 Eb for Christmas does anyone know how it plays (Comment if you do)? I currently play on a Buffet R13 Bb and love it.


11/2/04 10:33 pm - menuetto - Reasons

I was wondering if people could come up with a list of reasons my band director should let me play Eb clarinet. He doesn't seem to like the instrument very much... I have some:

~The President's Own Marine Band has one
~Southridge (our rival school) has one


10/17/04 06:10 pm - menuetto

What is a good beginner Eb clarinet? Currently I am looking at the Selmer 1405. Then I need reasons to convince my band director to let me play Eb clarinet in class if anyone can think of any.

-Thanks, menuetto

9/1/04 12:16 am - magicwonton - Bump?

No one's been posting. Um.

So in the university Wind Ensemble, we're doing... pieces. Obviously. (I unfortunately don't play Eb on all of them). The ones with Eb parts are pretty decent/okay/bearable:
Dello Joio - Variations on a Mediaeval [tune/theme?]
Hindemith - Symphonic Metamorphasis (in entirety)
Still? - Entrance of the Portenses (actually this one is kind of dumb)
Dahl - Sinfonietta

In orchestra, we're playing Candide -- it's this year's opera and they're using the entire symphony. I haven't seen the music, but I hear the Eb part is great.

8/1/04 11:02 pm - magicwonton - Reeds.

What kind of reeds do you people use? I found that soprano sax reeds work really well and respond well to sanding (if you need to sand them, that is). I don't really have much success using actualy Eb reeds, but soprano sax is just great. The reeds are wider, and I think that might have something to do with it. I use tenor sax reeds on bass clarinet as well.

7/30/04 01:35 am - mangocasserole

Hi! My name is Jodie, and I've been playing the effer for 7 years. I played it in NY all-state and all-eastern, and I played it at the New England Music Camp. I currently play it in my college's wind symphony. I wasn't allowed to play it in HS because my teacher was a bitch and hates the instrument. Yeah, that's me... hi!

7/28/04 10:21 pm - magicwonton - Pieces

So what sorts of pieces are you people working on? I suppose it should go in the clarinet community, but it's easier to converse with 11 people as opposed to 85,000.

7/28/04 07:51 pm - saxonthebeach

Hey all. Is anyone out there a paid subscriber to ClassicalArchives.com? If so, is it worth it? It seems like a pretty sweet deal ($25/year for 1,000 classical mp3 or midi downlods per month). It also seems to have some rather obscure pieces (like Robert Muczynski's Time Pieces for Clarinet and Piano, which I've been looking for). I just want to make sure it delivers what it offers before I go and spend the money. Any input out there?

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7/28/04 05:04 pm - magicwonton

Oh how could have forgotten? Said dinky WNY University is putting on Candide this Fall -- the whole friggin' thing, and that means lots of good Eb solos.

Anyone ever hear of the American Wind Symphony/AWSO? I'm auditioning for it this Spring; supposedly having Eb skills will help me out. I find it odd that so many clarinetist obsess over bass clarinet when having decent pitch on Eb almost seems to be better? I could be wrong; I'm not very knowledgable so don't listen to me.

Um. Yes. Eb = money. I've already had one gig on it, and it paid $200 to sit on my ass and play for about... five minutes (a high school production of "The Music Man").

7/28/04 04:59 pm - magicwonton - Maslanka

David Maslanka, Symphony No. 5, movement IV. KICKASS Eb SOLO. I basically... killed myself when I found out we were playing it in the university Wind Ensemble, because I got to play one of the most amazing solos ever.


Yeah. My name is Scott. I'm 19. I play clarinet (obviously). I'm a performance/[insert major here] double major at a dinky state school in Western New York. Uh, yes.

7/28/04 12:11 pm - saxonthebeach

Hey all. I'm going to be a 3rd year clarinet performance/economics double major at Case Western Reserve University in the fall. I've been playing Eb clarinet on and off since freshman year of high school. Prior to college, I didn't really play Eb on an ongoing basis (just for the occasional Bernstein work in youth orchestra). I started playing Eb more often in college since, I had so many ensembles that I could play in, playing Eb in one or two didn't mean that I would be abandoning Bb in group settings. My all-time favorite Eb clarinet part is the 3rd movement of Bernstein's On The Town suite.

What do you guys think is the best Eb part out there *in an orchestral setting* (ie not band).


7/28/04 11:51 am - cheerio_1988

I'm so glad that this community has gotten so many members in such a short amount of time. Thanks guys.

7/27/04 09:32 pm - evildarklord

I thought it not possible that I would have seen an Eb clarinet community. It really surprised me. Being one of the more different instruments in the band. Well I guess I will introduce myself.

My name is Brian and I have been playing Bb clarinet for 5 years now. I am a sophomore in high school. I picked up the Eb (school's noblet) this past year when my band director needed one for the piece Black Granite. I am the only Eb'er in my county.

I really like the Eb compared to the Bb cause it feels like your in your own little section apart from the rest of them others.

Anyways I am glad I found this community! Go Eb's!

7/27/04 02:33 pm - conmoltofuoco - Wheeeeeeeeeee!

Finally, a community for those of us who are just *too cool* (or, possibly too insane) to play only Bb clarinet.

Umm... I've been playing Eb for three and a half years. I don't own one, but play my school's, which is a Noblet named Antoine (Tony for short.)

I really like playing Eb clarinet, but am somewhat tone deaf, so I often get yelled at for being out of tune. I'm going into my first year of university in the fall and I'm hoping to play Eb in the wind ensemble there, and I'm also hoping to buy my own instrument.

Does anyone know any good solos actually written for Eb clarinet other than the contemporary-no-discernable-tune-pseudo-music that most Eb music is

7/27/04 02:47 pm - jezzien - hehe...

Finally a community for the weirdest of the weird! The Eb CLARINET PLAYERS! w00t! Thanks for creatin' this community man. Don't know why I never thought of it, but oh well, that's me :-P.

I got my Eb off Ebay for $450. Yeah, I wasn't expecting it to be very good, but it's one HELL of an instrument. It's got a beautiful sound and the thing is almost always in tune. Sometimes it can be a little sharp, but it's usually not, which is amazing for any instrument. ESPECIALLY an Eefer (which is what I call my baby :-D). She's a beautiful Noblet, what model, I do not know, and I use a Vandoren B-44 mouthpiece with her. I had her overhauled right after I bought her two years ago and she hasn't needed much maintenance since. Just the ritual changing of pads.

I play her in my college Symphony Band and Wind Ensemble, and am destined to play her almost solely in these ensembles possibly until my junior year, when our principal will be graduating. I'm currently second chair on Bb (my Beaver :-P). And yes, I have strange names for my instruments. This past spring I played a solo on eefer in the Pennsylvania Intercollegiate Band Festival and I had quite a few solos in my band and wind ensemble, including a few huge ones in an arrangement of Phantom of the Opera.

That's my background :-)

7/27/04 11:53 am - menuetto

Hi, I play Bb Clarinet at the moment but I am starting Highschool and was thinking about switching to another instrument. I love the Clarinet and was just wondering how different this is and if anyone had any advice, like what model or lesson books etc. -Tina

7/27/04 02:30 pm - devil_goddess

well for me i have a piece of crap Eb clarinet... i played it for my high school wind ensemble. i want a better one. i was ok with it but those things are the devil to tune aren't they.

7/27/04 01:36 pm - cheerio_1988 - Hello

As the creator of this community, I feel I should tell you all a little about myself. My name is Erik, I'm going into the 11th grade in September, and I own a Yamaha YCL-280 Eb Clarinet named Clarence. I performed a NYSSMA solo in June on Clarence, and I got 96 on an All-State solo. Not as good as I had hoped, but not bad for only playing for a couple of months. I have always love the Eb clarinet from the first time I ever saw one, and I hope you all join this community!
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