Kamsky (sidedosmasta) wrote in eb_clarinet,

Amati Clarinet

I have been in the market for an E-flat soprano clarinet lately. I really don't play it that often anymore (usually only one 1-2 pieces per year), so I don't necessarily need to buy a top of the line professional model. I have been looking online and I have found some good prices on the Amati E-flats, specifically the ACL262-S (seen here). The specs on it sound good, and it's considerably cheaper than comparable models by Buffet, Yamaha, and Selmer.

I was wondering if anyone out there has played on any Amati instruments (or known anyone who has), and if so, what do you think of them? The price sounds good to me, but I want to make sure that I won't be buying myself a doorstop in E-flat. :) Thanks a lot!
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